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Implantación ERP Odoo Community en tu Pyme desde 299,00€

Obtén Odoo Community para tu empresa en pocos días y a bajo coste

Odoo Community es un ERP moderno, escalable y sobre todo Open-Source. Te ayudamos en instalar y poner en marcha Odoo para tu Pyme bien en el Cloud o bien en tus instalaciones.
Obtén usuarios ilimitados y personalizaciones sin límites gracias a nuestros planes de asistencia.

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    Improve the processes of your SME Company.

    Somos una Consultora Boutique especialista en desarrollo, pero también entendemos que algunas Pymes necesitan implementar un sistema que ya se encuentra desarrollado y que permita ahorrar tiempo y dinero, optimizar tus procesos y tomar las decisiones correctas. Es por eso que somos expertos en la personalización de Odoo Community.

    Personalización de Odoo Community | Essedi IT Consulting
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    Our Value Proposition.

    Step 1. Listen to you.

    We rely on active listening to analyze your business and processes regardless of the size of your company.
    Implementing an open source ERP like Odoo will allow you to operate and improve your business processes without having to pay a monthly subscription and with our support have the necessary support for the operation.

    Step 2. We set up your environment.

    We can work 100% in the cloud or host your solution on our own server. We will recommend the best option that fits your company, a specific environment for Odoo with access to the source code and all your data.
    We make backups and keep your installation in optimal conditions, providing you with the necessary tools so you can focus on the business.

    Step 3. Implementation and Customization.

    We identify the functionalities and characteristics necessary to manage your business with Odoo. We work with Agile Methodology and we will determine together if custom developments or customizations are necessary to manage your business process.

    Step 4. Training.

    Together with Step 2 and Step 3, we will be tailoring the training necessary to leave the knowledge within your company. That is why we propose a tailored remote training plan based on your needs, reducing the impact of change and resistance within your company.

    Step 5. Support and Accompaniment.

    We build long-term strategic relationships. That is why, if your company requires it, we can offer you our ITempo support service, where together we will determine the best proposal that fits the needs of your business.

    Why us?

    Our team is made up of 20 people who specialize in custom development and providing you with the right services.
    We understand that a solution like Odoo Community can be the key to having standard processes optimized and integrated into a single solution, making an initial investment that will allow you to see the return and improvement quickly without having to hire subscriptions or spend money to buy software. .

    Somos Partners de Odoo


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      Somos Partners de Odoo

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