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With an expert team available at all times, we address technology issues quickly and efficiently, with dedicated support tailored to your business. You can choose the plan that best fits the criticality of your business. Keep your operation uninterrupted, relying on our immediate response and proactive solutions.
In a dynamic digital context, this service will allow you to maintain your commercial and technological operations, avoiding unforeseen events, loss of time or money and the possibility of focusing on your business.

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    12h SLA
    Cost per hour: 80€.
    Cost per call: 50€.
    Dedicated phone.


    8h SLA.
    Cost per hour: 70€.
    Cost per call: 25€.
    Dedicated phone.


    4h SLA.
    Cost per hour: 65€.
    Cost per call: 15€.
    Dedicated phone.


    2h SLA.
    Cost per hour: 60€.
    Cost per call: 0€.
    Dedicated phone.


    How ITGuard runs

    Example with ITGuard Diamond (SLA 2h)

    The ITGuard service is available 24/7, to attend to any problem that may arise in your IT structure.

    Our commitment is to always be at your disposal, no matter what time or day you need help. Just call us on our dedicated phone number and we will get to work to solve any inconvenience that may arise, according to the contracted SLA.

    With ITGuard, you can rest assured that your systems are in safe hands at all times. Trust us to protect the vital points of your digital business.
    FAQ | Essedi IT Consulting

    FA Q

    What is the SLA?

    The SLA defines the expected service levels, including aspects such as guaranteed response time, availability and performance.

    What do the plans include?

    For all ITGuard we offer a dedicated phone included in the price, whose cost per call will depend on the contracted SLA, being available 24/7 in all cases.

    Why should I contract ITGuard?

    This service will allow you to focus on your business and not worry about outages or the need for external support, since you will have a dedicated person to provide the necessary support to your operation.


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