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Essedi is your digitizing agent attached to the Digital Kit program in Valencia.

The Digital Kit is an initiative of the Government of Spain, which aims to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions to finance the digital transformation of small/medium-sized companies or self-employed workers throughout the national territory.


The services
you can request

Website and online visibility
We design and create your website in a completely personalized way.
(Exclusiva para los segmentos I, II y III)
We create your online store so you can start selling online.
Process management (ERP)
Integrate, digitize and automate your company's flows and processes on a single platform.
Social Network Management
We manage and monitor your social networks with the aim of increasing the visibility of your brand.
Customer Management (CRM)
Optimize and simplify the commercial relationships of your potential clients.
Electronic bill
Digitize the issuance of your company's invoices in different formats.
Bi Analytics
Measure, analyze and unify your company's different reports to obtain the most valuable information.
Virtual office
Work with the most popular applications and tools on the market, text managers, presentations, office, etc.
Control and protect access to your website and avoid attacks and cyber threats.
Secure communications
Your employees will have access to business resources from anywhere in a quick and easy way.
Advanced Internet Presence
We position your brand on the internet so that your potential clients find you in the first positions.
(Excluida de la primera convocatoria)
Incorporate your products into the distribution channels where your target audience is located.
(Excluida de la primera convocatoria. Exclusiva para los segmentos I, II y III)
Ciberseguridad Gestionada
Detecta incidentes de ciberseguridad en tiempo real y abórdalos de forma rápida y eficaz.
(Exclusiva para los segmentos IV y V)
Gestión de clientes con IA asociada
Optimiza procesos y agiliza las interacciones y relaciones con los clientes.
(Exclusiva para los segmentos IV y V)
Business Intelligence y Analítica e IA asociada
Mejora el proceso de toma de decisiones empresariales con IA especializada en Business Intelligence y analítica.
(Exclusiva para los segmentos IV y V)
Gestión de procesos con IA asociada
Automatiza procesos mediante capacitaciones en inteligencia artificial especializadas en gestión de procesos.
(Exclusiva para los segmentos IV y V)
Puesto de trabajo seguro
Te proporcionamos un puesto de trabajo seguro con el fin de potenciar o mejorar tu productividad.
(Exclusiva para el segmento III)

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    Essedi is a company dedicated to development and management of IT projects. With almost a decade of experience developing APPs, Webs, Internet of Things and cloud infrastructures.

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