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Optimize your Resources,
Maximize your Investment

Focus on your business while we take care of the efficient management of your technology operations.
With customized solutions and an expert team, we optimize your resources to enhance your business success.
Our Target Solution will allow you to adjust the scale of services according to the changing needs of your business without incurring high costs.

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    Agile Methodology.
    Junior/Senior Developer.
    Software Architect: 10%.


    Agile Methodology.
    Junior/Senior Developer.
    Software Architect: 20%.
    Project Manager: 10%.
    Error management.


    Agile Methodology.
    Junior/Senior Developer.
    Software Architect: 30%.
    Project Manager: 20%.
    Error management.
    Warranty management.


    Agile Methodology.
    Junior/Senior Developer.
    Software Architect: 50%.
    Project Manager: 100%.
    Error management.
    Warranty management.
    Dedicated support.

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    Outsourcing Cases

    Our Target Solution strategy helps you significantly reduce costs that will have a direct beneficial impact on your operation and your business.
    We adapt to the digital transformation of your company, keeping your business at the forefront and offer technical support, anticipating and solving problems efficiently, ensuring excellent service.

    Big brands already trust us, join the digital revolution!


    The Methodology.


    Appropriates the vision,
    objectives and missions.
    Manages the product backlog.
    Order the product backlog
    to maximize value.

    Ensures understanding and application of Scrum.
    Helps the Scrum team increase productivity.
    A servant leader for the Scrum team.

    Delivers one increment each sprint.
    Self-organized and multidisciplinary.
    No specific title or sub-teams.

    Target Solution | Metodología Ágile | Essedi IT Consulting
    FAQ | Essedi IT Consulting

    FA Q

    What are the benefits of a plan with error management?

    The management of corrective maintenance errors will have a 15% discount on the hours required for the solution.

    What does warranty management refer to?

    With warranty management we will protect the core parts of your project by ensuring its performance after each delivery.

    What is dedicated support?

    Dedicated support includes our working hours (from 8:00 to 17:30).

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