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    Senior developer
    Developer who will know how to contribute his experience to a team
    • Experience 2 years minimum
    • Full-stack or specialist
    • Up to 140h per month
    Project Manager
    A professional that can lead development teams with Agile methodology
    • Agile & Scrum
    • Different languages spoken
    • Up to 120 hours per month
    Software Arquitect
    Professional from the IT world who can solve any problem and design technological solutions
    • Expert in many fields
    • Professional
    • Up to 80 hours per month
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    Essedi is a company dedicated to development and management of IT projects. With almost a decade of experience developing APPs, Webs, Internet of Things and cloud infrastructures.

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      Essedi IT Consulting SL. Av.da Conte de Serrallo 41. 46250 L’Alcudia (Valencia) – España – CIF: B98691025