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Imagine a service adaptable to your projects.
Our ITempo allows you to make a long-term investment and have a strategic business partner, having significant benefits when hiring, considering your annual projects and maintaining a sustained relationship over time.

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    Not cumulative.
    < 40 hours per month.
    1 year of permanence.
    Ideal for small projects and quick adjustments.


    40 hours per month.
    1 year of permanence.
    Designed for medium-sized projects and permanence upgrades.


    80 hours per month.
    6 months of permanence.
    Perfect for long-term projects.


    120 hours per month.
    3 months of permanence.
    Ideal para proyectos grandes y continuos.


    How your ITempo accumulates

    With ITempo, you optimize your time in the development of IT projects.
    We offer a variety of plans that adapt to your business needs, allowing you to start or continue with your projects without the worry of losing hours. Each month, you will have access to your contracted hours and, if there are unused hours, they will be stored in your own Hour Pool. These accumulated hours will be available for larger projects during the 12 months following the contract.
    With ITempo, you can be sure to make the most of every moment spent digitizing your business.
    FAQ | Essedi IT Consulting

    FA Q

    How and when can I consume the accumulated hours?

    The accumulated hours, once accounted for, are available for consumption during the following 12 months and are presented as a discount option applicable to larger evolutionary developments in any project.

    Why should I hire an ITempo?

    With ITempo you will have at your disposal a number of hours per month to ensure the maintenance of your projects according to the contracted plan. In addition, the possibility of accumulating your hours to use them according to your peak demand ensures your investment.

    Does the size of my company matter when hiring hours?

    No matter the size of your company, we have plans developed for all types of industries and companies of all sectors and sizes. Contact us and a consultant will contact you.

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