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EasyCommerce is the ideal product for small businesses who want to expand their market on the web. The product is ready to use, just needs to be customized (colors and images) and already contains all the tools to make e-commerce easy and fast. Easy-commerce supports 95% of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc …) thanks to its integrated «dual graphics». It is compatible with the European directives on sale to the public or to businesses. The control panel is extremely powerful and very rich of features. The control panel with accounting integrated management makes this product unique. With just one application you can manage your site and the accounting of your company.

What is it?

EasyCommerce was born from the need to provide our customers with a stable, fast and easy tool to sell online.

This product has many strengths, among which we must emphasize:

Compatibility with mobile devices

Nowadays E-commerce is growing rapidly (estimated at around 20% per year). E-commerce for mobile devices grows even more. It is estimated that worldwide about 50% of internet users will be using a mobile device in the next 2 years.

EasyCommerce, in way that is totally transparent to the administrator of the site offers an improved interface for mobile users.

The Mobile version of the online store does not need specific interventions because it builds itself along with the Desktop version.

Order management gets easier

Upon arrival of an order from the online store this will be displayed in the control panel. Once there you can change the order status (informing the customer by e-mail automatically) and then create a special tax document (whether invoice, delivery note or any other document).

Automatic calculation of gain for every single order, automatic calculation of shipping costs based on the weight of the items ordered and sales statistics.

International Support

EasyCommerce is multi-language natively. It is also adapted to international sales according to the latest standards for intra/extra EU sales.

Accounting Management

EasyCommerce supports the management of accounting (bills of sale, purchase, inventory management, etc. ..). In this way, only one product will solve many of the problems that a small company can have in the beginning.

Optimized for Search Engines

Each product that is added on EasyCommerce will be immediately visible on the search engines thanks to the integrated SEO optimization. This will make sure that your customers will find you as soon as possible.

Automatic Updates and personalized assitance

EasyCommerce has an automatic update system. About every month, our programmers release a new update package that will be installed automatically on each copy of EasyCommerce installed on the web.

In addition EasyCommerce is distributed with a package of personalized care that will help you in discovering its potential.

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