Touring Award to Italian Silvio Micali

14 marzo 2013

The U.S.  «Association For Computing and Machinery» awarded Italian Silvio Micali the prestigious Turing Award (also known as «Nobel for Informatics»).

The award is dedicated to Alan Turing, the founder of modern computing and virtually the inventor of computers.

The Turing Machine is (or, more briefly MdT) is a machine that manipulates data on a potentially infinite tape , according to a fixed set of well-defined rules. In other words, it is an abstract model that defines a machine capable of executing algorithms, and equipped with a potentially infinite tape on which can be read and / or write the symbols.

On March 3, 2013 Silvio Micali was honored for his contributions that have made possible to lay the foundations of complexity theory in the field of cryptography and for having experimented with new methods for the efficient verification of mathematical proofs in the field of complexity theory.